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 We like to minimise your downtime. That's why we aim for same-day turnaround, which means bringing your fork, shock and dropper post in at 10am in the morning, and getting it back by 6pm the same day. For mailed in components, we typically need 24-48 hours between receiving them and having them back in the courier's hands en route to you. Click the Book Now button below to make a service appointment!

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How often should I service my suspension?
Mountain bike suspension is amazing stuff, but it needs servicing on a regular basis to stay in primo operating order.  Service intervals vary from product to product and are dependent on your riding conditions, but as a general guide, your suspension should be serviced as follows: 

Open bath – every 25-40hrs ride time
Semi bath (lower legs/lube) – every 10-25hrs ride time
Semi bath (damper) – every 50hrs ride time
Sealed damper – every 50hrs ride time

Air Sleeves – every 20- 40hrs
Dampers – every 200hrs or annually.

Dropper Seatposts:
Every 100hrs or annually, or as required. We service Reverbs and KS posts, including standard and stealth variants.

How long does it take?
Most things are in and out same day - we do require your fork, shock and/or seatpost for the whole day however. We open at 10am, close at 6pm, so if you drop your suspension service items in first thing in the morning on the day of your booking, we will have them ready to go by closing time. Please book ahead using the Book Now button to ensure that Vorsprung can service your suspension quickly rather than having to wait for us to clear our existing backlog - during the busy times we can be booked out for over a week in advance.

Service & Repair Charges:
Hit the Book Now button below to see standard service pricing for your forks, shocks and dropper posts. If you're not sure which item applies to you, or if your part isn't listed, shoot us an email or call us for a quote.

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